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January 07, 2010

Poem: Pascal's Journey

by Charles E. Sternheim

I have dedicated my life to this work based on my principle of honouring my mother's experience, as well as that of my sisters and myself. As a young man I will use my voice to bring change. (1)

How do I tunnel out from under a culture of rage and wrath
where violence against women is my daily bread
if not by tearing childhood bonds that tie into tiny shreds?

How do I leave my mother and sisters
as they look up at me and cry
if not by promising to gain our peace then kissing them goodbye?

How do I power my voyage of renewal and return
around continents of doubt
except by wondrous winds of change faithful guide set about?

Charles E. Sternheim
January 2010

(1) Pascal Kelvin Akimana, born 27 years ago in a little village called Gatumba,15 km from Bujumbura in Burundi.


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